Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 58 - The Julie/Julia Awards

Day 58.

I'm not gonna lie. I've officially been swept up by awards season. And after Oscar nominations were announced yesterday, it's been hard for me to think about much else lately (aside from the Green Bay Packers in the SUPER BOWL). I've been pondering a lot of things. Like, where the hell did True Grit come from? Will anyone beat Natalie Portman's performance in Black Swan? Why was Christopher Nolan snubbed for Best Director? Who's going to take best picture: The King's Speech or The Social Network? These are the questions, people. So basically, if it wasn't obvious before, I'm kind of a movie nerd.

They filmed one of the scenes in The Social Network on location at my old high school. I will mail a dollar to the first person to email me the name of that school. Ready? Go!

And that's precisely why I need some kind distraction until the actual Oscars take place on February 27. That distraction? The 1st Annual Julie/Julia Awards, which will take place on February 26th. So take that, Oscars! You've been upstaged! That's right, an awards show solely devoted to this magnificent 2009 culinary drama. That's not to say that other films/actors won't be eligible to win any awards--it will just be more difficult, you know, because these are the Julies (I'm not in love with the name. If you guys can help me come up with a better shortened phrase than "The Julies," that'd be great.).

So without further ado, here are your nominees for:

The 1st Annual Julie/Julia Awards

Best Picture
Julie & Julia
The Julia SNL skit from Julie & Julia
Just the Julia parts from Julie & Julia
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (referenced by Not Mark Ruffalo in the scene where they discuss deadlines)
Soul Plane

This is the first-time nomination for Soul Plane's director, Jessy Terrero, and the third time Snoop Dogg has been linked to something awesome.

Best Actor
Stanley Tucci (Noted Pedophile)
George Bartieneff (Colonel Sanders)
Eric Sheffer Stevens (Gay PayPal Guy)
Roy William Gardner (Mr. Three Name)
Johnny Sparks (Johnny Sparks!) 

Best Actress (hmmm, I wonder who'll win this one?)
Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Meryl Streep
Amy Adams 

Best Actor who Resembles Mark Ruffalo
Chris Messina (a.k.a. Not Mark Ruffalo)
Mark Ruffalo

Best Scene in Julie & Julia
The Lobster Cooking Scene
Every Meryl Streep Sex Scene
Butter Shrine
Cobb Salad Lunch
Meryl Streep Gets Book Deal

Lobster Scene, the undeniable front-runner, has been nominated in 10 other categories.

Best Meal in Julie & Julia
Chocolate Creme Pie Filling
Boeuf Bourguignon
Artichokes with Hollandaise Sauce
Poached Eggs


And that's all I got for now. More to come at a later time. Plus, I want to open it up to you guys. Do you have suggestions for more categories or more deserving nominees? Send them to me at I'll finalize a ballot by Wednesday of next week and then we can do this thing for real. I'm renting a tux for the occasion.

P.S. Today, The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project officially crossed the 200,000-mark in pageviews since the blog's inception 58 days ago. Thank you guys for reading and supporting me along the way! I owe it all to you! (and by you, I mean mostly me)


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Hot sauce from a reader."


  1. Best post so far!

    Make an event out of the tux ^^

  2. Lawrence, you can thank me for most of those page views. But have you monetized?

    M. Blumenfeld '76

  3. If it was JJ then you'd sound like an immature misfit unable to pronounce vagina.

    Jules is short for Julie and/or Julia.

    But Jools is all above in a new spelling. And new spellings are the hip thing aren't they?

  4. Phillips I get a dollar now?

  5. Linda Emond was totally robbed. Why was she not nominated for 'Best Actress'?

  6. Hilarious.

    And I was gonna say Jules Awards too. Or you can make some play off your name.. Dai, is it? If that is pronounced "die", then I suggest "Dai Jules" maybe? I like the not-so-subtle hint for Julie Powell to die there. (If it's pronounced "day" then sorry, and disregard!)

    Also, how did the ASPIC not get nominated for Best Meal? Clearly it should, just for its name.

  7. johnny sparks will CLEARLY win, even though you don't know exactly who he is.
    he's got an 80's cartoon-villain name! he can't lose!

  8. Best foodgasm scene!!!!

  9. I love this idea! How about most conceited thing julie has said? most annoyed tantrum thrown by julie? ummm best musical score?

  10. how about the jews? yeah i like that.

  11. Aren't you worried that the four-way Meryl Streep nod will split the vote, giving the award to Amy Adams?

    Sorry/You're welcome for adding the phrase "four-way Meryl Streep" to your blog.

  12. what's with the green blob on the facebook guys face in the pic you posted for the social network? was he making out with a goblin covered in slime???

  13. @Anonymous (2011-01-27 @ 13:33)
    That green blob looks like the back end of a dart.

  14. Oooooh, i was about to say 'The Jools' too. (:
    As for other categories; yayy for the Anon! Best foodgasm scene!! Or best foodgasm *noise*. Best costume maybe? Best wordless reaction?

    This is hilarious, love, love, LOVE it!! :D

  15. Phillips Andover Academy!

  16. You might need to clarify which Boeuf Bourguignon scene that is: the one where Julie makes one, burns it, makes another, and then Not Mark Ruffalo dumps a bunch of pepper on, or the one with Judith Jones making it for the first time while reading the manuscript.

    My vote would go to the latter, just for the look on her face when she pours in the wine to deglaze the pan and the shot of the small wine droplets scattering across the manuscript page. Besides, she really seemed to enjoy it much more than Julie/Not Mark Ruffalo did.

  17. I'm really worried about who's going to win for "Best Actor who Resembles Mark Ruffalo" because I definitely want Mark Ruffalo to win but I don't KNOW if he has a fighting chance. I just had to voice my concern, and by concern I mean staying up on the toilet all night shitting in panic.

  18. Best Crazy Phrase said by Julie. Should be easy since you already wrote every single one. I think the egg tastes like cheese sauce is my pick.

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