Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 57 - Oscar Nominations for J&J Alumni

Day 57.

Oscar nominations were announced this morning and I'm glad to report that multiple Julie & Julia alums made the cut.

I assume Meryl got nominated for something this year. She always does.

Actress in a Supporting Role - Amy Adams in "The Fighter"

I saw this movie last month and wrote a post about it here. She was pretty good, but I think her co-star Melissa Leo (the Golden Globe winner in the same category) may run away with it. I'm just thankful that this wonderful actress got to play a juicy role that wasn't Julie Powell.


Actor in a Supporting Role - Mark Ruffalo in "The Kids Are All Right"

Yeah, I realize that our hometown hero Mark Ruffalo wasn't technically in Julie & Julia, but he goddamn well should have been. Plus, for the amount of times he's been mentioned on this blog, I feel like he deserves some recognition from this board.


Music (Original Score) - Alexandre Desplat for "The King's Speech"

This guy did the score for Julie & Julia too. So it's his goddamn infectious melodies that get stuck in my head every day after watching this movie. I'll give him some credit though--he also composed the musical score for Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was awesome (In my opinion, the second best score of last year, the first being Michael Giacchino's score for Up. Ain't nothing gonna beat "Married Life." That track is fucking dope.)


Costume Design - Sandy Powell in "The Tempest" 

Again, I don't think Sandy Powell had anything to do with Julie & Julia, but her last name is Powell. Also, The Tempest was directed by Julie Taymor. Julie + Powell = Julie Powell. Not rocket science, here, people. 


Best Picture - Toy Story 3

Thank God no one involved in the utterly mediocre Julie & Julia had anything to do with this perfect gem of a movie. The people at PIXAR are goddamn geniuses. No other film this year had me cracking up one minute and bawling out my eyes the next. It probably won't win because of the animation ghetto, but dammit if it wasn't the most heart-wrenching, gut-busting, purely enjoyable movie of 2010. 

Nothing - Not Mark Ruffalo in "Everything"

Fuck this guy. Seriously.

What a smug little shit.

For a full list of Oscar noms, click here.

Also, what the fuck? Meryl Streep wasn't nominated for anything? What has this world come to? I'm pretty sure Oscar tradition dictates that Meryl Streep has to be the star of every goddamn ceremony, which will be pretty hard if she isn't nominated for anything. Like, c'mon, Oscar people! She is the GREATEST LIVING ACTRESS. How dare you snub her? Let's see--what was she in this year? Oh... errr... just a three-episode stint on a web series called "Web Therapy." Yeah, you can totally nominate her for that. OSCAR SNUB!!!

But seriously, how was Meryl only in one thing last year? Somebody probably deserves to be fired. After all, what kind of agent can't find work for Meryl fucking Streep?


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Is it going to be like this every night?"


  1. Hey, don't worry, it is not her agent's fault. She, alone, decided she won't do anything last year. But they should probably give her nomination for breathing or something like that... :)

  2. Because every few years the Academy finally gets wise to shitty Oscar-baiting actresses like Meryl Streep? Anyone over 6 feet tall can play the gangly, awkward, charming drunk that Julia Child was; I would have rather saw her played by Cate Blanchett

  3. oscar-baiting actresses like meryl streep? meryl has been nominated for 16 oscars, starting with 'the deer hunter' in 1979. it's 2011, meghan, i don't think that the academy is 'getting wise.'

    not that i don't think cate blanchett isn't delightful too. i thought she made an excellent galadriel!

    lawrence - i don't know how you do it and i never wish to attempt the same, but it's fun getting to read about your venture. keep it up!

  4. Meryl decided to take a break last year, but soon she's going to start shooting 'The Iron Lady' in London. (:

    Lawrence, i still LOVE your blog; just had the time to catch up with it, and i literally laughed out loud at almost each and every post of yours. You're hilarious, i really hope you could make the whole year! :D


  6. Wasn't she in It's Complicated last year? Did that not come out in 2010? Shit - 2009! What the ef?

  7. 1. Your blog has inspired me to Google & see a list of all movies Meryl Streep has been in, just to pick out the best ones (in my own opinion).

    And 2. This blog is a thorough and delightful example of how a person can come up with different viewpoints on a single subject and through powerful exercise of imagination, find new things to talk about, relating to one subject (movie). I think this blog could be inspirational to someone in Philosophy. And -- was thinking, you could view this movie once, with Sound off, & just watch. Blog about that. Then -- play it without the screen, just listen to audio only, on another day, and discuss that experience in your blog. (Hey!)

    (I realize you're done with the 365 days, but have ideas bubbling from head which I want to type in, anyway.)

    thanks for this Blog

  8. Re: Meryl Streep: I was inspired by your writing to recall the films that have Meryl Streep in them that I really LIKE -- they are -- Woody Allen's "Manhattan," "Out Of Africa," "The Bridges of MadisonCounty," "Julie & Julia," "The French Lieutenant's Woman," and "Still Of The Night."
    If you were going to watch "The French Lieutenant's Woman" I'd recommend reading the novel first.
    "Still Of The Night": in the tradition of Hitchcock-style suspense, haven't seen it in long time, but remember it as excellent -- stayed up too late on a work night, to see on TV a couple of decades ago...

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