Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 44 - Number of Chews Taken in Julie & Julia

Day 44.

Naturally, since Julie & Julia is a food movie, its characters tend to spend a lot of time chewing. So today, I tried to count every instance of chewing, as defined by Merriam-Webster as: to crush, grind, or gnaw (as food) with or as if with the teeth. The results can be seen below.

Sooo... 482 total chews! Man, that's a lot! But the stats are actually somewhat inflated when you realize that most of those chews were taken by the most obnoxious chewer of all--Not Mark Ruffalo a.k.a. Not Mark Chew-falo.

What a douchebag! Or should I say, chew-shbag?

No, probably still douchebag.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "And breast your cards."


  1. This is hella funny man. How have you been doing this for 44 days? How have I been reading this for 44 days?

  2. I don't know what breasting cards means, but it sounds hot

  3. is the quote of the day referring to... "breast wishes"? Or breast-y cads? Is breasting cards a woman thing, like sticking money in one's bra... but with business cards? playing cards?

    I think there are endless possibilities in out of context lines like this? Maybe i'm too much of a Literature major, but you could easily apply some basic principles of Deconstruction and other French snootiness on this movie... and make it deflate quicker than a poorly made Crème brûlée

  4. Creme brulee is a custard-based dish that won't deflate. Perhaps a souffle instead? One that pops and sinks because someone wasn't using their inside voice when taking it out of the oven - or who was trying to read this side and (unsuccessfully) hold in their laughter while said souffle was being removed?

  5. Dude I remember even watching it in the theater how AWFUL the chewing chomping of Not Ruffalo. That was so distracting. Like he would literally DIVE headfirst into any food. Pretty disgusting especially since Julie spent hours slaving over XYZ culinary delight.

    Anyways, on another note- I just finished re-watching Six Feet Under. This is a show where Not Mark Ruffalo is featured in about the last half of the fifth season. He is a buttoned up Republican lawyer that works at the same place that Claire Fisher is temping. He is literally the worst part of this show and it left me with a terrible taste in my mouth. There is this one part where he and Claire argue about the Iraq war and it is freaking epic because Claire destroys his logic and you realize what a weird and creepy person he is.

    Also there is a part where they are in bed and he is like "You're totally an artist. In fact, do you want to take naked pictures of me because I've always wanted to do that. Don't put them on the internet though because I'm running for public office some day." I would really encourage you to get your hands on those episodes.

    It is ridiculous and I wish he knew how much shaming is already happening with his fictional characters on these very interwebs. That's about all I have.

  6. Thank you for not showing stills of them eating the bruscetta, it seriously bugs the shit out of me for some reason.

  7. I can't believe you're still at this. Maybe for another counting challenge could you keep track of how many eggs, chunks of meat, or pots and pans are in the movie?

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