Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 43 - Random Actor Tuesday: Johnny Sparks

Day 43. 

There are a lot of random actors in Julie & Julia. Only one of them is named Johnny Sparks.

Yesterday, I talked about how Ayberk was a fucking awesome name. I was wrong. Sorry, Ayberk. You have only an awesome name. What makes a fucking awesome name then? Oh, I don't know.


This is how I imagine Johhny Fucking Sparks smokes a cigarette.

Sparks plays one of the "Interrogators" in the scene where the U.S. government brings Stanley Tucci (a.k.a. "Paul the Child molester") to Washington to ask him if he is a homosexual. The problem is that the movie only credits two actors as interrogators, whereas there are clearly three in the scene.

Am I a homosexual? Maybe. But can you count? There are more than two interrogators here!

Through IMDB and process of elimination, I figured out that Jeff Talbot is the bald guy in the foreground to the left, leaving the identity of Johnny Sparks still unclear. Sparks' IMDB page does not help us out at all. There is no photo and his only other credited role is playing "Rich" in an episode of Law & Order. I'm pretty sure every actor alive has been on Law & Order at some point. So where does that leave us? Who are you, Johnny Sparks?

Are you the guy in the middle? *gasp* Or perhaps... could it be? The guy on the right?

The middle guy is the only one of the three that actually has a line (he's the one that asks Tucci if he's a homosexual), so that's probably him. But personally, I like to think that Johnny Sparks is the actor on the far right, mostly because he has the head of an oompa loompa.

So there you have it. Johnny F. Sparks. A man of many faces. Interrogator in Julie & Julia. Rich in Law & Order. Beloved maker of candy in all of our lives.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Confronting the duck. You're my duck."


  1. you are seriously amazing and i almost spit my tea on my laptop when i read this. how can you be so hilarious? and everybody knows the funnier a guy is, the cuter he is. You are a guy right? Maybe your parents were feminists and decided to name their daughter Lawrence.

  2. I noticed on IMDB that J&J popularity is actually down and was pretty surprised.

  3. The actor in the middle is Stephen Bogardus. A New York Theater veteran with lot's of great Bway and Off Broadway credits to his resume.

  4. Dang, too bad he doesn't take after Ned Sparks. That scene would have been awesome.

  5. Anon above beat me to it, but the actor in the middle is Stephen Bogardus, so your wish came true. Johnny is the Oompa Loompa.

    Stephen Bogardus is great, btw. You should feature him next.

  6. johnny is the guy on the right. I just met with him a second ago and researched about him right after that. This is the only thing I found about him

    1. Can confirm - he lives in my neighborhood. He's a cool guy who does not make chocolate.

  7. I don't see Stanley as Paul the Child Molester. I see him as the cool gay guy, Nigel, from The Devil Wears Prada. It it a coincidence that he played gay in that movie and was questioned about being gay in this movie? You decide.

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