Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 39 - Feedback Friday

Day 39.

Millions and millions of emails (and by that, I mean around thirty-something) have poured into my electronic mailbox since the last Feedback Friday, so I thought I'd share some more reader mail with you guys, along with my responses.

Keep that shit coming. Also, maybe say a little about yourself/where your from in your emails so I can show off how diverse my fanbase is (read: only send me emails if you are a Ugandan living in Alaska).


From Brad K.


   Big fan of the blog, I literally laugh out loud at every post. Actually I'm watching Julie and Julia right now on Starz (although I have no excuse for myself). But I have also watched It's Complicated way too many times to admit. I noticed that some of your posts incorporate other films (because Julie and Julia lacks any content) so perhaps this is blog-worthy. 

   It's Complicated stars Meryl Streep, same star of the now all too common Julie and Julia. However Meryl Streep's character in It's Complicated is also a cook, owns a bakery (mentions that she studied in France). She similarly is going through an emotional crisis (excepts she sleeps with Alec Baldwin instead of Stanley Tucci). 

   Now that I write it out there seems to be little to no evidence supporting my theory (not much of a theory at all), but on reflection I think "It's Complicated" and "Julie and Julia" are kind of like the same exact movie, both involving scenes of delicious food, Meryl Streep, and middle aged people having sex (is that why TLC is such a hit nowadays?). 



Hey Brad,

I think you may have stumbled upon something quite profound here. And as a fellow man who isn't ashamed of watching romantic comedies made for middle-aged people, I completely trust you when it comes to the parallels between Julie & Julia and It's Complicated. I haven't seen the film for myself yet, but I may have to check it out now. Thanks for the tip and I hope you'll keep reading. Also, TLC is a such a big hit because of quality contemporary programming like Little Chocolatiers.

Mad Respect,


From Sheryn B.

You are a seriously hilarious writer!  I've also seen J&J too many times, and I've read Julia Child's autobiography, My Life in France.  I'd recommend it.  Thought you eventually might want to touch on a topic I still ponder at times: Was Julia's husband really gay?  If you look close enough, the evidence can be quite convincing (especially if you also read Child's autobiography).
Congrats on your weirdly-acquired internet fame! And make sure you constantly mention your "readers" to your friends and collegues just like Julie Powell does.  It's a fun way to be annoying!

Hey Reader Sheryn,

Thanks for your kind reader words. It's great to know I have so many readers who read my readings. I have actually thought about reading Julia Child's autobiography, but then I realized that would require reading (a.k.a. actual work). But who knows? Maybe if you readers lobby hard enough, I may have to check it out from the library (and then never read it and pay $10 in overdue fines a month later). Readers. 

Mad Respect, 



Your ID Was Awarded £650,000.00 In The Premier Oil Plc New Year Splash

Hey E-Puentes,

Wait, really? That's fucking awesome! I don't even remember entering my ID in any kind of Oil Plc New Year Splash, let alone a Premier one! What is an ID anyway? Like my driver's license? Did my driver's license win something? Is it because I'm an organ donor? I always knew that would pay off. Also, if you don't mind, I'd prefer the cash prize to be converted from pounds to U.S. dollars. So... that's $1,004,968.39. You can even round it off to an even million if that's easier for you. Let me know if you need my credit card/social security/other private info to confirm where you should deposit my winnings. 

Mad Respect,


From Bryan K.

Hey Lawrence,

Just thought I'd let you know that I just discovered and subsequently read through every post on your blog. Which is not necessarily a great thing, since I'm sick in bed and laughing is not actually so good for my stomach problem.

I've gotta say that as one of your non mom-aged readers and recent college grad, I'm a little upset that you're already so famous for watching a movie way too much. But what I'm probably MOST upset about that I don't have a name that makes me sound like an awesome knight.

Hopefully this is coherent. I think I have a fever.

Anyway. Keep it up!

Hey Bryan,

Thanks for the support. I hope I haven't inadvertently killed you through my writing. The death toll for this blog is only at 3 right now, and goddammit, it's going to stay that way! I'm glad that you enjoying/secretly resenting my little taste of internet fame. That's basically how all of my friends feel about it too. Also, I have no idea what the "awesome knight" comment means, but I will take it in stride. Again, I hope you haven't died since you sent this email.

Mad Respect,
Sir Lawrence Dai

P.S. Your email was like, semi-coherent.


From ??? Lopez.

Just sending an email, applauding you on this feat of a month straight watching the same movie repeatedly, I love reading your blog its hilarious. If you need anyone to shoot the shit with while watching this just email me. 

Hey Lopez,

I can tell already that you're the fucking man. I would love to shoot some shit with you sometime. 

Mad Respect,


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Tell her to call the health department."


  1. Lawrence, Your blog was mentioned on Muck Rack, which might be the source of so many new readers.

    I am one of them. Your stuff is brilliant.

  2. This is a brilliant idea..I don't have nothing more to say than that...I found this mentioned on rotten tomatoes, so it's getting pretty big, it's almost like in the movie with julie, that's so great.

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