Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 38 - The Mystery of Julie's Cubicle Pictures

Day 38.

Even though I've already seen Julie & Julia 37.9 more times than the average person, I almost always catch something new upon each viewing that I hadn't noticed before. For example, today, as I was watching one of the scenes of Julie in her cubicle, I caught something that I thought looked a little off.

No, it wasn't Amy Adams' stupid facial expression here.

If you look to the left of Amy Adams' head, you'll see a picture of a crudely drawn rainbow, presumably done by a child of some sort. I mean, its not unusual to see something like this in an office space--when I was a young lad, my father used to hang my shitty race car drawings in his cubicle. It's just a thing. Parents like to hang up pictures that their kids have drawn. But wait, Julie Powell doesn't have kids. So I have to ask, where did she obtain this child's drawing and why did she put it up in her cubicle?

Maybe she has an artistically-inclined niece or nephew or something, but still--who the fuck at your work is going to give a shit about your niece's/nephew's drawing? You have no right to be proud of their artwork. You're barely related. Plus, I'm not sure that Julie Powell had any siblings.

It gets even worse. Later on, we see that she has tripled the number of pieces in her 6-year-old art gallery.

She's kept the moronic look on her face though.

Where are these things coming from? I mean, I suppose the only other possibility is that maybe she encounters children with crayons through her work at the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, but even that seems unlikely. I mean, her job is to field calls and complaints from those affected by 9/11, so I suppose some grateful families and their children may have sent her their artwork as a token of appreciation for her work. But that would really make too much sense. The most logical solution is never the right one. Besides, Julie Powell is clearly terrible at her job.

My hypothesis? Julie Powell was raising a secret family. Think about it. Why did we not see any of this artwork in her apartment? Because then her husband would have discovered her horrible, horrible secret. Other clues? We always see Julie buying way too many groceries for just two people--where does all that other food go? Probably to Billy, Bobby and Betsy, who live with their father on the other side of town. Also, this would account for the fact that we don't even see Julie for half the film. Where is she during the Meryl Streep parts? What is she doing? The fuck if I know. But that shitty kid art had to come from somewhere. Either she has a secret family, or she's abducting little kids from Central Park, locking them up in her basement and forcing them to draw her pictures.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Why do you need to take a stupid test?"


  1. "Powell's second book, Cleaving: a Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession, which details the effects on her marriage of an affair she had after the first book's publication, as well as her experiences learning the butcher trade, was published November 30, 2009" THAT BITCH CHEATED ON NOT MARK RUFFALO

  2. Great catch! It also looks that on the left side there's a turkey hanging on wall. The kind kids make in art class before Thanksgiving break. Also, on the right side the ugly multicolored tissue box cover, who knitted that nightmare?

  3. so you're saying that 10% of the population has seen the entire movie? that's a shit ton of people.

  4. You may be onto something here. Perhaps the secret husband that fathered these secret children is Mark Ruffalo, thereby making him unavailable to play her unsecret husband?

  5. Guys, a few points:

    1. How proud of herself do you think she was when she came up with the title "Cleaving?"

    2. I'd always thought that the weird little relationship angst in the middle of the movie felt a bit forced. But I guess it was foreshadowing?

    3. Merkins were originally worn by prostitutes after shaving their genitalia, and are nowadays used as decorative items or in film making.


  6. or maybe, she shares the cubicle with another employee. this call center thing is probably a 7/24 service so there must be other people in other shifts.

  7. Maybe she drew them herself and needed a place to display her artwork. Clearly, she is Not Good at a lot of things. Drawing, specifically.

  8. Maybe she drew them as a kid or while she was bored during one of her writer's block sessions. I've definitely dabbled with glitter before. Either way, there's some sort of assumed sentiment attached.

  9. Hahahaha, I love this blog, I heard about it on tv or some shit and I can't stop laughing now. The observations you have are quite amusing.

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