Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 8 - Random Actor Tuesday: Eric Sheffer Stevens

Day 8.

I think its fair to say that what I've been through in these last few days is best described as misery--again, not to imply that Julie & Julia is a bad film, but I'm still trying to deal with the fact that 2 hours of my day has to be set aside doing this instead of, oh say--getting a girlfriend or studying for finals. I've even had to cut down the hours I spend playing scrabble on facebook. Sacrifices, I know. But enough bitching--onto the real work at hand.


Everybody knows that misery loves company. And I was lucky enough to have company during today's late evening screening of Julie & Julia. My good friend Kaitlin decided to drop in for a few hours and share in the viewing of the world's greatest movie. It's always nice to have a fresh perspective any time you see a film for the eighth time and tonight was no different. During one of the duller Julie Powell dinner scenes, Kaitlin lept up out of her seat and squealed in delight as she saw one of her favorite actors enter the frame--Eric Sheffer Stevens.

Don't be confused. I have no fucking clue who Eric Sheffer Stevens is either. His brief scene in Julie & Julia is pictured below.

Not a familiar face? Kaitlin tells me that he played Dr. Reid Oliver in the infamous longest-running soap opera, As the World Turns. So that's something. Which brings us to the newest feature of the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project: RANDOM ACTOR TUESDAYS!!!

From now on, every Tuesday's post will be dedicated to profiling every peripheral character in Julie & Julia and the actor who plays him/her.

Like I was saying, Eric Sheffer Stevens only has a bit part in this movie as some guy named "Tim." But curiously enough, no one never even says his name during his 30 seconds of screen time. In fact, Amy Adams hugs him and says "Hey, you," like even she didn't know who the fuck this guy was. Were it not for imdb, I wouldn't even know this character had a name.

Or maybe he doesn't need a name. After all, I tried to track his actions during the scene and all he does is high five Not Mark Ruffalo, give Amy Adams a cake, laughs once, and then says two lines, the only of any length being: "Why don't you put uhhh... a paypal thing on your website?" That's it. That's literally all he does. He just walks in, eats food, and plugs paypal. Is this some kind of product placement? Nothing ever comes of this paypal thing plotwise. There is not comical payoff involving the cake or the goofy high fives that he gives. His character is not necessary in the least. Why couldn't they have given his lines to Amy Adams' already established best friend character? (who happens to be there as well, not to mention that she already has a name) Why did they have to bring in this established soap opera star to say two lines and then disappear?

Oh yeah.

That's why.

To win over the gay vote.

Apparently, Eric Sheffer Stevens played an openly homosexual neurosurgeon on As The World Turns and made out with other dudes pretty frequently. I investigated further by asking Kaitlin what his deal was. She responded that he was "the only reason why I watched the soap opera" and that "he commands every scene that he's in." She then started rambling on and on about how his character got hit by a train and donated his heart to a rival surgeon (I kid you not), along with other ridiculous plot contrivances and stupid character attributes. As I slowly began to tune her out, I knew I would have to look elsewhere for Stevens' biographical information.

Luckily, Wikipedia has a whole entry entitled "Random Facts" listed under his name:

1. Height 5′ 11″ / Weight 160 lbs / Athletic build

2. Blonde hair / Blue eyes

3. Married to actress Jenny Sheffer Stevens

4. Born Eric Stevens…took his wife’s last name when they married

5. Enjoys camping and hiking

6. Most of his background is in classical theater

7. Avid watcher of European soccer

8. Builds bookshelves and cabinetry

9. Listens to music by The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Merle Haggard

10. Shakespeare character he would love to play: Hamlet Radio Interview, 7/26/10

11. Acting Idols: Jack Nicholson, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day-Lewis

The fact that this guy even has a "Random Facts" entry instantly makes him the man, but the facts themselves seem too good to be true. "Athletic build"--that's always important for actors, especially if they want to play athletes. "Blonde hair/blue eyes?" Aryan much? "Enjoys hiking and camping." Good to know. The man "builds bookshelves AND cabinetry!" What can't he do? Also, it's important to note that he would really like to play Hamlet sometime, in case any casting agents are reading this.

Chances that he wrote this all himself? Pretty high.

Oh, Eric Sheffer Stevens. Your career is pretty sad. Here's hoping that this role in Julie & Julia raised your profile and has since jumpstarted your film career. And if that doesn't work out, you'll always have the honor of being the first actor featured on RANDOM ACTOR TUESDAY!!!


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "Mrs. Joy? *orgasm sound*"


  1. My entire office is loving this. *Loving*.

  2. I stumbled onto this from The Huffington Post. It's very amusing and I am intrigued to see if you see this through to the end.

    I'm guessing you had an easy Reading Week and a light finals week. Go Cats! Ah, I remember those days well.

  3. you should probably try out some of the recipes they have on the show. if nothing else, it would make for hilarious pictures.

  4. Not trying to be antagonistic, but to assert that Eric Sheffer-Stevens was put in J&J because of his soap opera fame or "to win over the gay vote", is absolutely ridiculous. The very imdb page that you consulted shows plainly that J&J came out in 2009 and the As the World Turns episodes with his character didn't air until 2010. You don't have to know much about the film and tv industry to know that J&J would've been shot way before the soap character even existed.

    Beyond that, you seem to lay the blame on Mr. Sheffer Stevens for his character in the film being superfluous as if movies are made by improving and he should've spoken up more and made his character more integral to the plot. Again, you don't need to have much insight into how movies are made to know that's not how it works. Actors take roles like this to get paid. There's nothing "sad" about that.

    I understand that blogging is a place where anyone can say what they want to say. The rest of your blog is quite clever, and congrats, but try and use a a bit of common sense before making a nonsensical statements next time.

  5. Its on Huffington Post now....so you definitely can't give up. I hate blogs but not this one my good sir, it is simply hilarious. Good on you.

  6. This Historic undertaking that you have embarked upon I'm sure will inspire many people! Good Luck.

  7. My girlfriend Vicki and I want to come watch the film with you sometime. We've never seen it. If you want to come to East Texas, we can watch it at our house. We'll make dinner of course. If not then, we'll be in NYC weekend after next...maybe we could meet there and watch Julie and Julia on my laptop in a Starbucks. I have headphone jack splitters so we can all hear.

  8. Great idea, I wish I had thought of it. If you go through with it all the way the results could be pretty amazing. Looking forward to following this.

  9. Needless to say I will be reading this blog daily until you are done with this demented project. I didn't love this movie -- especially Not Mark Ruffalo's character. Good luck, man. Definitely try cooking some of the recipes!

  10. Why don't you put a Paypal thing on your website?

  11. @Bendsley -- I guess comedy and sarcasm is lost on you.

    So Jenny Sheffer Stevens... not much of an "actress."

    Looks like she's more of a Yoga instructor...

    Who graduated from Wheaton College. Where, up until 2003, they didn't allow dancing.
    ...and fired faculty who believed in human evolution...

  12. I love this. Oddly enough I watched Julie & Julia last night and then saw the article by the HuffPo this morning. Destiny?

    Enjoy your screening after screening after screening. I look forward to day 300+ to say what new insights you are giving.

  13. Came across your blog today via Jezebel - and had to comment when I saw this post, because the actress captured in this photo with Eric Sheffer Stevens is also worth noting, though she's not well-known. It's Kacie Sheik - she's a singer/actress and was in the original cast of the recent Broadway revival of "Hair" - and is musician/composer/writer Duncan Sheik's sister.

  14. Um, this is a Meryl Streep movie about Julie Child. You don't have to do anymore to bring in the gays!

  15. Very funny...best line..."like even she didn't know who the fuck this guy was." LOL!!! Keep it coming!

  16. Lol! Alright, first off, I'm a HUGE Eric Sheffer Stevens fan. I've talked to the man, met him, am close friends with the fans who run his fansite and chat with him regularly. And I have to say, I am extremely amused [in a good way I swear] by this!

    My only comment? I'm the creator of the wiki page and the "Random Facts" were actually compiled BY those of us who run the various sites and other fans, lol. I could always add [and should add, actually] "Likes to roller blade in NYC without a helmet." Eric is actually an EXTREMELY modest man, so trust me, all that information is courtesy of his crazy fanbase.

    Anyway, it was absolutely wonderful to see an outsider's perspective on ESS. Kaitlin gets major kudos for obviously being a LuRe fan [oh, she'll know what that means].

    And don't feel bad. When I first saw Julie & Julia, even I had no idea who the fuck this guy was =P


  17. Thanks for blogging this. I never noticed Eric in J&J before I became a fan, so agreed to the nonrelevance of his role for this film. Still nice to see him eating, LOL. I am the creator of the German Eric wiki page and find this blog hilarious, too. I second everything Ripley said, but would like to add that Dr. Reid Oliver (sadly) not "made out with other dudes pretty frequently", which of course is proof of the poor writing in this show!
    I am pretty sure, that Eric will play Hamlet sooner or later, because besides having been in ATWT, he's actually a quite well established theatre actor. The fanbase for his role as Dr. Reid Oliver and Eric is huge and rather active. So chances that the popularity of your blog will increase due to featuring Eric Sheffer Stevens? Pretty high. :P But any blog having a picture of Luke and Reid kissing is worth reading.
    And about the "Athletic build" I would like to offer some shirtless proof that I watch every day, but refrain from blogging about, because it usually leaves me speechless: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwBvuz1x-WI
    (I also recomment to watch Part 44, you will see why!)
    And to Kailin: I hope you are on FB Reid Oliver, LJ or LRO!

  18. ugggh. I want to read more of your blog but I've got finals. I'm reading the short ones now longer ones next week!

  19. Eric Sheffer Stevens = the new Neil Patrick Harris?
    God I hate my life...

  20. Now I have to watch this movie just to keep up with this amazing blog!

  21. You may thing Eric Sheffer Stevens has a lackluster career, but you'll be the one watching him rec paypal to Julie EVERDAY FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR.

  22. I'm actually thinking about starting a blog about your blog...What the hell...I like watching Eric Sheffer Stevens eat, or greet "not Mark Ruffalo," or bring cake to one of Julie Powell's insipid dinners. I might even like reading and reviewing and adding my thoughts about what you write everyday! Probably won't...but I might. It could be fun.

  23. I agree with AxelDC - this movie is "gay" enough without further attempts to draw the pink pound.

  24. I feel sorry for the poor guy now...

  25. The girl in the photo looks like the girl who plays Amelia Shepard (Caterina Scorsone) on Private Practice (she plays a Neurosurgeon). But with red hair.

  26. hey lawrence- eric is in the new tv show I hate my teenage daughter!!!!! he has a big part too

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