Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 30 - Time of Possession

Day 30.

There is a statistic in football called time of possession, which is basically what it says it is--how long each team has possession of the ball. I thought it'd be cool (read: super tedious) to figure out times of possession for Julie & Julia i.e. how many minutes are dedicated to Julia Child's part of the story vs. how many minutes are dedicated to Julie Powell's. The results below:

0:00-0:50  Opening Credits (50 seconds)
0:50-3:17 = Julia Child (2 minutes, 27 seconds)
3:17-5:24 = Julie Powell (2 minutes, 7 seconds)
5:24-6:17 = Julia Child (53 seconds)
6:17-15:18 = Julie Powell (9 minutes, 1 second)
15:18-15:25 = Julia Child (7 seconds)
15:25-15:33 = Julie Powell (8 seconds)
15:33-15:49 = Julia Child (16 seconds)
15:49-15:53 = Julie Powell (4 seconds)
15:53-16:04 = Julia Child (11 seconds)
16:04-16:12 = Julie Powell (8 seconds)
16:12-16:16 = Julia Child (4 seconds)
16:16-19:02 = Julie Powell (2 minutes, 46 seconds)
19:02-26:17 = Julia Child (7 minutes, 15 seconds)
26:17-31:01 = Julie Powell (4 minutes, 44 seconds)
31:01-38:36 = Julia Child (7 minutes, 35 seconds)
38:36-46:46 = Julie Powell (8 minutes, 10 seconds)
46:46-50:41 = Julia Child (3 minutes, 55 seconds)
50:41-54:38 = Julie Powell (3 minutes, 57 seconds)
54:38-1:06:41 = Julia Child (12 minutes, 3 seconds)
1:06:41-1:10:38 = Julie Powell (3 minutes, 57 seconds)
1:10:38-1:17:15 = Julia Child (6 minutes, 37 seconds)
1:17:15-1:21:36 = Julie Powell (4 minutes, 21 seconds)
1:21:36-1:28:29 = Julia Child (6 minutes, 53 seconds)
1:28:29-1:34:59 = Julie Powell (6 minutes, 30 seconds)
1:34:59-1:39:38 = Julia Child (4 minutes, 39 seconds)
1:39:38-1:39:42 = Julie Powell (4 seconds)
1:39:42-1:39:45 = Julia Child (3 seconds)
1:39:45-1:39:48 = Julie Powell (3 seconds)
1:39:48-1:39:52 = Julia Child (4 seconds)
1:39:52-1:39:56 = Julie Powell (4 seconds)
1:39:56-:1:39:58 = Julia Child (2 seconds)
1:39:58-1:40:00 = Julie Powell (2 seconds)
1:40:00-1:40:02 = Julia Child (2 seconds)
1:40:02-1:40:10 = Julie Powell (8 seconds)
1:40:10-1:40:11 = Julia Child (1 second)
1:40:11-1:40:12 = Julie Powell (1 second)
1:40:12-1:40:14 = Julia Child (2 seconds)
1:40:14-1:40:15 = Julie Powell (1 second)
1:40:15-1:40:23 = Julia Child (8 seconds)
1:40:23-1:40:39 = Julie Powell (16 seconds)
1:40:39-1:41:04 = Julia Child (25 seconds)
1:41:04-1:46:16 = Julie Powell (5 minutes, 12 seconds)
1:46:16-1:52:21 = Julia Child (6 minutes, 5 seconds)
1:53:21-1:58:15 = Julie Powell (4 minutes, 54 seconds)
1:58:15-1:59:22 = Julia Child (1 minute, 7 seconds)
1:59:22-2:03:33 = End Credits (4 minutes, 11 seconds)

Julia Child TOTAL: 60 minutes, 54 seconds
Julie Powell TOTAL: 60 minutes, 38 seconds

So the screen time is pretty much split evenly between Child and Powell, with Child getting the slightest of edges. Weird, because it seems like Powell's parts alone drag on for hours. Hope that this is as interesting for you as it was boring and awful for me. I swear on my life that I'll never do simple math again.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Don't knock marshmallows."


  1. I'm like you, I thought the Julie part lasted forever. The Julia parts are like a breath of fresh air and seem so brief. I wonder if you can skip all the Julie scenes and just watch the Julia parts? Two movies in one? Eh, you'd probably need a DVD for that, and with Netflix, who has those anymore.

  2. Thanks for doing the tedious work!

  3. I'm watching Julie & Julia this morning for the first time since I saw it in theaters, partly because as a blogger who just passed the first year mark and need a little fairy tale boost to recharge my delusions of future grandeur... I forgot how immensely HAPPY this whole film makes me! Also, I know everyone hates Julie Powell, but I'm also remembering why I never really understood why that was: as much as I'd like to be Julia Child, when Nora Ephron helms the direct-to-video film adaptation of my life, I'll be played not by Streep but by Amy Adams with a bad haircut.

    Could be worse, I suppose. Anyway, I wanted to drop in my note of support. "French cooking for aaaaahhlll!"

  4. My main problem with Julie & Julia is the fact that eggs don't taste anything like cheese.

  5. This is epic. And Julie's scenes do seem to drag on because she's so annoyingly whiny.

    Thanks for writing this blog. It's the only one I read on a regular basis. :)

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