Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 3 - How is this guy not Mark Ruffalo?

Day 3.

So far, I've done nothing but heap lavish praise on Julie & Julia--and deservingly so, but I realize that this blog cannot just be a year of me fellating the makers of this movie (I feel like that would translate better over youtube, anyways). Upon multiple viewings, I will be the first to concede that Julie & Julia is not a perfect film. It's pretty damn close though.

But right now, the biggest issue I have with this movie is that for some reason, the actor who plays Eric Powell (Julie Powell's husband) is not Mark Ruffalo.

You might understand this better if you've seen the film, but the actor who plays Amy Adams' husband, Chris Messina, really should be Mark Ruffalo. Not to knock Messina's performance or acting career or anything--it's just that Ruffalo would've lent the role a dramatic heft that it desperately needs. And Messina's uncanny physical resemblance to Ruffalo is just distracting at times, as it completely takes me out of the movie.

-------Mark Ruffalo---------------------------Not Mark Ruffalo----------------------

I feel like after roping in the talents of veteran actors Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and Stanley Tucci, the casting agents targeted Ruffalo for the part to complete their power foursome of acting greats. And then, disaster struck. For some reason or another--and this is complete speculation on my part--Ruffalo was unavailable or turned down the part. Maybe after spending all that money on the first three, they simply could not afford him. There's really no other explanation for why this guy isn't Mark Ruffalo.

-----Mark Ruffalo-----------------------Not Mark Ruffalo-----------------------

I imagine the casting agents/producers panicked at this point and said, "Ruffalo's out?!? Goddammit! Well then just give me the next best thing!"

Unfortunately, the next best thing was Chris Messina, a guy whose resume boasts a part in that shitty M. Night Shyamalan elevator movie, as well as six episodes of 6 Feet Under.

To think, that Amy Adams could have acted alongside the prolific thespian who carried such films as Zodiac, Shutter Island, The Kids Are Alright, and 13 Going on 30--but instead had to settle for Chris "Not Mark Ruffalo" Messina, is truly an outrage.

I beg of you, creators of Julie & Julia, please remake this movie with Mark Ruffalo, who was clearly the better man for the part.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I have this fantasy where she comes for dinner and I show her my new lemon zester."


  1. Just stumbled on this through Reddit. I think it's an awesomely hilarious idea and I love what you've written so far.

    Also, I completely agree about Mark Ruffalo. Big mistake on their part. :)

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  2. This just got a mention in Huffington today, so I have a feeling you'll be writing this for the full year.

    I applaud this idea!!!

    I saw this movie with my fiance' and I probably would have enjoyed it more had Eric Powell been played by Mark Ruffalo.

    "Ruffalo's out?!? Goddammit! Well then just give me the next best thing!" <--- LoL!

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  4. How did it take 3 viewings to find the biggest flaw with the film?

    2nd biggest flaw is that the entire Julie story should have been cut down by half.

  5. Eh... I kind of like the guy. He's a little bit more quirky than Ruffalo, which I think works especially well with the lobster scene.

    But that's just me. I'm sure I would have enjoyed watching the movie just as much with Ruffalo in it.

    And I'm with the guy above. You're gonna have to stick with this. I'm enjoying it too much for it to end before the year is done.

  6. It also drives me nuts that it is not Mark Ruffalo! I really thought it was Mr.Ruffalo the first time I saw it.

  7. I LOVE Mark Ruffalo. I LOVE 13 Going On 30. And I LOVE this blog.

    Also, if it HAD been Mark Ruffalo, I bet Julie would have cooked something with Razzles. Just saying.

  8. Wait, what? I've seen this movie several times and totally thought the husband was Mark Ruffalo until right now. I'm living in a whole new world now. Just makes the Julie part of movie that much more lame. (At least it's still Stanley Tucci, right? Right?!)

  9. TRUTH! Me and my friends noticed this right away the first time we all watched it together.

  10. Chris Messina was perfect in Vicky Christina Barcelona! He's also really great in Greenberg. Though Ruffalo's great too. This blog is really fucking funny.

  11. Sorry, but I'm a Chris Messina fan. I love me some Ruffalo, but Messina is far better as the ever supportive, long suffering boyfriend, just as he was to Claire in "6 Feet Under".

    Don't diss Messina! He was awesome!

  12. The more I read the word "Ruffalo", the more I want it to be a recurrent part of the American language. also i just sounds funny when you say it multiple times.

  13. Chris Messina is a poor man's Mark of luck on your blog.

  14. I have to say, I think Messina did a great job. And while "Devil" was indeed a pretty silly fucking movie, Messina was actually better than he had any right or need to be in it.

    My two cents.

  15. I think it would have been awesome with Mark. Now I am off to watch J/J again and imagine Mark in the part

  16. Just started your blog from the beginning- Chris Messina is in a scene from one of my other favorite movies- "You've Got Mail." When Kathleen visits Fox Books and is sitting in the children's section, a woman asks the clerk about the "shoe book." Messina is that clerk. Just thought you'd like to know. He's also in "Made of Honor!"

  17. I actually quite like Chris Messina. I don't feel like Ruffalo would have brought the same charm to the part.

  18. I promised you to read you everyday since last year and it took me 9 months to go to Day3. This is my Day 3 and your post amused me! I have written again about you in my new blog.

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