Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 29 - The Fighter

Day 29.

So I went to my local cinema and saw The Fighter today, which was the first non-Julie & Julia movie I've seen in awhile. Naturally, I didn't stray too far from the course, as Amy Adams had a supporting role as Mark Wahlberg's trashy, but supportive girlfriend, Charlene.

Mark Wahlberg is not Mark Ruffalo either. Close, though.  

It was weird to see Amy Adams playing someone who isn't Julie Powell, but she was surprisingly good at it. I don't know, I sometimes forget that she is actually a good actress instead of this bitchy blog woman.

Anywho, she was a little annoying in The Fighter, but the movie was great. Christian Bale is a lock for the best supporting actor Oscar, as far as I'm concerned. But back to Amy Adams--her character meant well and wanted to pry Mark Wahlberg from his destructive family so he could become a better fighter. Pretty good performance, I'd say. She actually gets into a physical fight with another chick in the movie so that was pretty badass. The only thing Julie Powell ever fought was her debilitating EATING DISORDER. No, but actually--eating disorders are serious business. Don't joke about them. That was uncool of me.

Also, they made Amy Adams look real trashy for the part, so that was something I wasn't used to seeing.

Though I definitely could get used to seeing this.

Yeah, so basically, what I got from this experience is that actresses play different roles in different movies. Weird, right? Is this a phenomenon that other people are familiar with? I'd like to know. Shoot me an email at lawrenceandjulieandjulia@gmail.com. I get pretty lonely at night.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I noticed your legs straightaway."


  1. If you like Amy Adams in her underwear, you should check out "Sunshine Cleaners". It also does not have Mark Ruffalo in it.

  2. Amy Adams is a surprisingly great actor! She first captured my heart when she played Tara's bitchy sister on Buffy. I agree with the above poster: If you want to see her playing a trashier character, definitely check out Sundshine Cleaning (you also get to see Emlly Blunt going at it. Mrow)!

  3. What happened to Random Actor Tuesday?! I have expectations you know! It is too early to disappoint your avid readers!
    I wait with bated breath...

  4. Junebug. GREAT film with Amy in it.

  5. I've not actually seen Amy Adams in anything else. Were it not for you, I would doubt that she exists outside of J&J.

  6. her boston accent sucked.

  7. Amy Adams: also in film called
    "Charlie Wilson's War."
    That is one which I have watched multiple times, but not in such an organized fashion as you with J & J. ...

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