Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 24 - Julie & Julia Reimagined: As Dinosaurs

Day 24.

Have you ever wondered what Julie & Julia would be like if the main characters were played by dinosaurs? Because that's exactly what I was thinking today as I watched the movie for the 24th time. A sampling follows. 

Voice on Answering Machine: Hi, it's Barry Ryan from the Santa Barbara News-Press, and I'm writing an article about Julia Child's 90th birthday and I asked her about your blog, and frankly? She was kind of a pill about it so I thought--

Juliesaurus Rex: ROARRRR!!!

Juliesaurus Rex whips her tail around the room and smashes the answering machine. She then proceeds to eat Not Mark Ruffalo.


Paul Child: Someone is going to publish your book. Someone is going to read your book and realize what you've done. Because your book--is amazing. Your book--is a work of genius. Your book--is going to change the world. Do you hear me? 

Juliaraptor: RAWRRRR!!! 

Juliaraptor eats Stanley Tucci.


Juliesaurus Rex and Juliaraptor sit at a table. 

Juliesaurus Rex: that's when I decided that enough was enough and told my hedge fund manager to take a hike. 

Juliaraptor: Good for you--I mean, how dare he? And in this volatile market economy? 

A meteor falls from the sky, crushing them both to death. 


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Today we will begin by learning to boil eggs.


  1. Your blog cracks me up so much xD thank you!

  2. I think this might be your best post yet.

  3. All my life I thought I'd have to pay good, hard-earned cash to see Jesus riding a dinosaur... while clutching a snub nosed Dino-Uzi... while rolling though the hood.
    It must be Christmas.
    Awesome Indeed.

  4. This post had me laughing so hard my chest hurt...and is starting to make me think you are going nuts. Hahaha! "Juliaraptor eats Stanley Tucci." HILARIOUS!!!