Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 22 - Random Actor Tuesday: George Bartenieff

Day 22.

It's Random Actor Tuesday already? Man, time flies when you're watching a mediocre romantic comedy every day.

Today's featured guest is George Bartenieff, noted for playing Chef Max Bugnard of the Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris.

Mustache Mustache Mustache Mustache!!!
Mr. Bartenieff holds the honor of playing Julia Child's cooking teacher for an entire two minutes of screen time. Unlike others, he doesn't discriminate against Julia because she is a woman. He sees past her gender and views her only as his pupil. He also looks like Colonel Sanders.

Which got me thinking... could they possibly be the same person?

George Bartenieff: Born January 24, 1933 in Berlin, Germany. Known for a recurring role on Law & Order as Judge McNamara, as well as a guest spot in an episode of 30 Rock.

Harland David Sanders (aka "The Colonel"): Born September 9, 1890 in Henryville, Indiana. Died December 16, 1980. Known for founding Kentucky Fried Chicken, as well as for keeping a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

So it's unlikely that these guys are the same person because Colonel Sanders died 30 years ago. Unlikely, but not impossible. What if the Colonel faked his own death at a ripe 90 years of age because he is secretly immortal? And if he is immortal, what better way to spend his time than to have a prolific acting career?

Immortal? Who, me?
Now curious, I plugged the name "George Bartenieff" into an anagram solver to see if the results could possibly point towards his other alias, Colonel Sanders. And lo and behold, I fell into a conspiracy of epic proportions. Possible anagrams such as "Fearing Beet Gofer" and "Teenage Fiber Frog" are huge clues that clearly point to our man Sanders as the culprit.

"I gave her my blend of secret herbs and spices" - Afroman
So what do we do with this information? Now that we know the Colonel is alive, well and acting in Julie & Julia, do we ask him for his secret to eternal youth? Or perhaps for some acting tips for Southerners hoping to mask their accents? Or maybe he'll reveal where he buys his mustache combs?

No, none of those. There is only one question to ask the newly-rediscovered-to-be-living Colonel Sanders: WHO LET THIS HAPPEN?

Ummmm... Sorry, maybe you misheard me. I specifically said "no diabetes."

Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "It is here too--cats and dogs."


  1. Lawrence,

    Is this getting you any girls? Humor is attractive, even if you're going to watch Julie & Julia for a year.

    As a film & creative writing major, this blog has greatly entertained me. Anyone can bitch about a "chick flick" but you definitely impress me with your "style".

    Will you do this again? I personally feel that if you do, you should dissect a really bad "guy movie". Or just repeat the chick flick thing and go with SATC, I would really, really appreciate that blog.

    Are you a creative writing minor as well?

    Thx! -Jen

  2. I think this is really funny like metahumor. My friends and I are dying laughing that you are actually doing this. I want to have a Julie and Julia party in your honor in the next coming days.

    I am just wondering do you have any special christmas plans for Julie and Julia?

  3. You know, people are always complaining about the Double Down, but I've found that it's really akin to just eating a couple pieces of fried chicken for dinner and if you consult a nutritionist you'll findhahahahahhahaah no just kidding it is terrible.

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