Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 20 - The Food in Julie & Julia vs. The Food I Eat

Day 20.

Those of you who've seen Julie & Julia before know that it's basically just a giant food porn exhibition. And as a fan of pornography of all types, I'd be a fool not to share it with you all.

Yup, this is what I'm forced to watch every day--shot after shot of mouth-watering, drool-inducing, straight-up delicious-looking food. Is the use of the previous hyphenated adjectives redundant? Yes. Does that make the food look any less delicious? No.

Naturally, one is prone to hunger attacks when watching two hours of this every day. Even on my 20th viewing of Julie & Julia, I have yet to grow immune to the effects of the film's excessive display of food porn. In other words, I get hungry. 

And instead of getting to eat this:

I have to eat this:

Not quite the same experience.
This is what this movie has reduced me to--eating frozen taquitos in bed. That's right, I don't even bother to cook those things. Usually because the microwave is all the way downstairs and I'm sure as hell not going to go down a whole flight of stairs to heat up a few goddamn taquitos. They taste fine frozen anyways.

So screw you, Julie & Julia. Who do you think you are, dangling delectable food stuffs before me, when you very well know that all I have in this house are stale oreos and expired salsa?


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "She's like your imaginary friend."


  1. Very funny. How disgusting to lay in bed and eat those frozen things. Good post - short, funny writing, funny picture. No need to make every post a long one. This is great.

  2. More food porn!!

  3. This is a bad sign. You are starting to get angry and think the movie is purposely dangling food in front of you and mocking what you eat. Better pace hasn't even been a month!

  4. Ahh, that looks like my pantry (your picture, not the movie)! Cooking suuucks and watching food porn does not make life any better. Maybe you should treat yourself to take-out every now and then while you watch, just so you don't get too resentful. It will happen if you're not careful!

  5. Wow, it only took my 3 viewings of Julie & Julia to stop getting hungry. I hope for your sake you become immune... and fast!
    Love the blog... you get my mad respect.

  6. Let me just say that your blog is fantastic. Both in the sense that the concept is fantastically ridiculous, and yet it's fantastic nonetheless. I love this movie and though I think you may be slightly insane, your blog has given me a whole new way to waste time in an enjoyable manner. Thanks!

  7. the best ode to hot pockets on the planet:

    20 down...only 345 to go, you can do it!

  8. Glad to see you're still eating taquitos. I used to still them from your fridge...

  9. You should make one of the recipes on the movie by memory - you can't look at the real recipe. Then make your friends eat it while watching your daily J&J.
    You could use substitute ingredients if you have to.

  10. bless your soon to be cholesterol filled heart! this is brilliant!

    and damn you for making me crave frozen taquitos.

  11. bleh! I can barely stand a heated taquito let alone a frozen one. you need help sir.

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  15. Sometimes i do just the same like you.Eat frozen foods and don't even bother to microwave them.Your posts are a perfect laughter therapy.

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