Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 18 - Feedback Friday

Day 18.

This movie will surely be the death of me.

I'm not going to lie--these daily viewings of Julie & Julia are beginning to take their toll on my sanity. As loyal readers may have noticed, I've been posting at later and later times as each day passes. This is no mere coincidence, for I have begun to dread the inevitable 2 hours of watching people cook and blog and cook and fight and cook and cook. But does that mean I'm quitting? Hell no. I'm in it for the long haul. And I have you readers to thank for that.

Without your words of encouragement and support, I doubt I would've made it this far--which is why I decided to share some of your emails and my responses in the first Feedback Friday post.

Remember, send all questions, concerns and death threats to


From Susan O.

Mr Lawrence

I am emailing (though admittedly drunk) to commend you on your blog.  

I really like it and this is not sarcasm.

I love the film. I love your idea.  I'm in fact jealous of your excellent creativity.  Though most of all I am jealous of your amazing, entertaining and original writing style.  It's amazing that you've managed already ten days of actually thought-provoking themes in each blog (well maybe not the first two) but I reaaalllly hope you keep it up because it is my favourite blog of all time! 

Keep up the good work my friend, and maybe someday someone will make a film about your endeavour.


Ms. Susan, 

I am writing (and unfortunately, not drunk) to thank you for emailing me with your kind, kind words.

I'm incredibly flattered by your praise and I only hope that you stick around for the ride, as I will probably grow more and more irritable with the film as each day passes.

But until then, I thank you for reading.

Oh, and don't drink and drive.

Mad Respect,

From Amber O.

Hello Lawrence,

I found your blog today. I must say, you are a talented writer. I wondered if you could talk a little more about yourself. What year are you in college? What is your major? What made you decide to do this project? What do you look like? That last question sounded a tad creepy as I wrote it; my apologies.

Anyway, your use of sarcasm and wit are well appreciated. However, I blame you for the time I'm spending
not studying for my Spanish final in the morning.


Hola Amber,

I am currently a sophomore at Northwestern University, majoring in Radio/TV/Film (I know, it's crazy that that major exists, right?).

To answer the question of what made me decide to embark on this yearlong journey, I honestly don't know. I mean, this thing started out as a joke text I sent to my friend while watching the movie for the first time. Then, after I actually created the blog, it was supposed to be something stupid I would share with my close buddies/use as a writing exercise. But now that I have gotten some play on these interwebs, I'm actually going to have to follow through and watch this movie again and again. That, my friend, is truly a terrifying thought.

As to what I look like, I am a 5'6" Asian dude. I would send you a picture, but my parents have always warned me about these internet predators you hear so much about--though I'm sure you're not one... I have been thinking about posting a photo of myself up on the blog, but I'm not sure if my self-esteem could take that kind of blow. Ahhh, what the hell!
This is me.
Anyways, thanks for your support so far and good luck on your Spanish final!

Mad Respect,


From Ursula B.

Dear Lawrence,
I know your new fame will probably make your inbox quite full, but I thought I should let you know I thoroughly enjoy your blog, which is strange because I usually do not enjoy blogs.
You should consider changing your name to "Julio" so the movie "Julio, Julie, & Julia" can come out and be totally meta.  Then someone else can watch that every day for a year.
As per your reader's questions, I challenge you to find the best lines in the movie to add "in bed" or "with no pants on" to, as in "I have to murder and dismember a crustacean ... in bed"
Continue fighting the good fight,
p.s. Some nobody character should hi-five you into adding pay pal in the near future.

Dear Ursula,

First of all, you have an awesome name! I appreciate your kind, kind words and I too, have tired of most blogs--so it's great that you find mine to be tolerable.

To be honest, I was dabbling with the idea of writing under the moniker of like "Jules" or something when I set out on this venture just so it could be funnier, but then I realized how much I love the sound of my own name. Also, Jules is a stupid name.

I like your suggestion about the "in bed" and "with no pants on" bit--I was sort of going for that same sentiment with the J&J Quote of the Day thing. But a whole post about the best ones would definitely be cool, so thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around for the long haul!

Mad Respect,

From Sharon H. 

i found your blog through a link zefrank posted on facebook. 
zefrank is god.
you are becoming god like.
your writing is great, the idea is wonderful, and i love your honesty. 
keep up the good work! :)

Hi Sharon,
I have no idea who "zefrank" is, but he sounds great! I suppose I can only hope to ascend to the levels of his holiness one day. I appreciate the support and hope you keep reading!
Mad Respect,


From Raschel J.

I hope you listened and read mine first. If you didnt... just delete this now because ive lost all respect for you.
Just kidding...
Anyways, your pretty awesome, just saying. I like your writing style, your funny, clever, and somehow manage to find interesting ways to talk about this movie everyday. I read day two and was like "dude... wtf this blog is going to suck... its just like, talking about how good the movie is... like everyday" (no offence man, shit happens) but after reading about secret symbolism involving Meryl Streep scalping indians... I knew I was wrong.
So... your definitley way more dedicated than me.
Last year, I had the random impulse to take all of my diarys since I was 12, and post every entry online in their own seperate blog post because I thought people would want to read about my life for some reason. I mean, Ive lead a really crazy life...
No... you dont understand
like... really crazy
Dont under estimate the crazyness in question
It is vast and scary
Im sorry, im very sleep deprived and im like... really baked and shit.
anywaaaays... so I started doing that and worked wicked hard on it all night and put up like 15 entries (all of which were rally dumb cause... I mean, I was 12.) and forgot about it and never signed into the account again.
Im 19 by the way, hows it going.
To my main point, kudos on the motivation and shit.

Hi Raschel,

Ummm, thank you? I think?

Mad Respect,


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "Is it bland?"


  1. I had intended to be one of those creeping silent watchers but I have to say, (since no one else has) that signing everything with "Mad Respect" is incredibly amazing. I mean, I think it is incredibly cool. I intend to steal this and and sign things that way and people will think me brilliant even though it was your idea. Ok probably not. I mean, I can't see it fitting in with the letters I write. That and I'm the kind of person who feels oddly guilty about doing such things. Too bad. Anyway, y have not only my sympathies in this endeavor (I watched Julie and Julia for the second time ever yesterday) but also my silent support. Good luck and go treat yourself to a smoothie.
    Mad Respect,
    P.S. Merry Christmas!

  2. All I know is I can't help but hear you signing your letter's in the voice of Ali G. saying "Mad Respekt" yes. with a K.

    ..but tell your parents I congratulate them on having a son who looks so much better than that George Clooney guy. He's got nothing on you.

  3. your new name should be Not George Clooney

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