Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 16 - Julie, Julia & Kanye West (pt. 3)

Day 16.

At the beginning of the week, I decided to see what would happen if I played Kanye West's new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy during my daily viewing of Julie & Julia. This is the third installment of the experiment. I give you, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Julie & Julia (part 3) 

"Let's have a toast for the douchebags!"
Also, if you're sick of Kanye, check out my interview with Marah Eakin of the A.V. Club Chicago. She does a really good job of making me sound articulate.

Warning: Like the album, this post will contain language not suitable for young children. And for all of you young children out there, why are you on the internet reading this stupid blog? Enjoy your youth while you still can.


Format: "Kanye West lyric" What's happening in Julie & Julia.

Track 7 - Devil In a New Dress

"Song Title" Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci get in a quickie and Streep leaves wearing a new dress. This song is most likely a callback to Streep in The Devil Wears Prada. 

"Put your hands to the constellations, the way you look should be a sin, you my sensation" – Meryl Streep should be a sin.

"I ordered you jerk, she said 'you are what you eat'" – They eat, therefore, they are. 

"You love me for me, could you be more phony?" – Paul Child talks about the first time he met Julia. It could not be any less phony. 

"Cat got your tongue?" – Meryl Streep is speechless after being flattered by Stanley Tucci. 

"Lookin' at my bitch I bet she give your ass a bone" – Not Mark Ruffalo looks at Amy Adams. He would win that bet. 

Track 8 - Runaway 

"Instrumental Intro"Amy Adams puts all the lobsters in a pot. The music is pretty lobster-y. 

"The low bass notes come in" – The pot explodes. It's eerie how exact the timing of this is. 

"And I always find, yeah, I always find something wrong" – Close-up on Not Mark Ruffalo. I think we all know what's wrong with him. 

"You been puttin' up wit' my shit just way too long" – He's been putting up with Amy Adams' shit for the entire movie. 

"Let's have a toast for the douchebags" – Amy Adams and Not Mark Ruffalo make out. God, I hate these people.

"Let's have a toast for the assholes" – Still them.

"Let's have a toast for the scumbags, every one of them that I know" Still them. 

"Let's have a toast for the jerkoffs, that'll never take work off" Amy Adams pushes her husband away. He's definitely a jerkoff. 

"She find pictures in my email, I sent this bitch a picture of my dick" Amy Adams greets her friends for a dinner party. Eric Sheffer Stevens looks embarrassed--probably because he sent that bitch a picture of his dick.

"See I could have me a good girl, and still be addicted to them hoodrats" Is Amy Adams a good girl or a hoodrat? The jury is still out. 

"Run away from me, baby" Eric Sheffer Stevens gives Amy Adams a weird look. 

"24/7, 365, pussy stays on my mind" Shot of all the men at the dinner table. 

"Split and go where? Back to wearin' knockoffs, huh?"  Amy Adams is wearing fake pearls! 

"Amy Adams" Wait, what? HE ACTUALLY SAYS THE WORDS "AMY ADAMS" IN THE SONG!!! IF YOU THINK I'M LYING GO HERE!!! Listen for it exactly 6 minutes into the video. It's a little distorted/auto-tuned, but it's definitely there. Unreal. This entire project has been vindicated!

"Autotuned gibberish" French people talking. Reminds me of the goofy trombone noises that stood in for the parents' voices in those Charlie Brown holiday specials. 

This guy is too cool
Track 9 - Hell of a Life

"Have you lost your mind?"  Amy Adams attempts to make an aspic. I would prefer an ass pic.

"You a wild bitch– She messes up the aspic. Idiot!

"Tell me what I gotta do to be that guy" – Close-up on Chris Messina. He's wondering what he has to do to be Mark Ruffalo.

"When you never fuck with the lights on– They never do this. This is a PG-13 movie after all.

"I think I fell in love with a porn star– Amy Adams looks like a porn star here. She's a hot mess. 

"That's one hell of a life– Blogging everyday? Yeah, it sucks.

 (To be continued... Only 1 part left!)


Julie & Julia Quote of the Day: "They even asked him if he was a homosexual."


  1. Awesome blog dude :)

    Jakob from Iceland.

  2. Have you tried watching the movie while another movie is playing? I'm sure there are some freaky parallels between "Julie & Julia" and "Die Hard."

  3. I'm not sure if it REALLY says "Amy Adams" but the fact that it is SO CLOSE...Imma give you props on, oddly enough, choosing this album to listen to while watching the movie. I don't think any other album would mention Amy Adams....or a name close to it. LOL!

  4. hahahaha omg what the H it totally sounds like it. I wonder what he's actually saying because that would be amazing

  5. Am contemplating listening to
    Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited"
    album, while watching the 1956 film,
    "High Society."

    Would never have thought of this, if not for you.

    ("If not for you -- babe I couldn't find the door -- couldn't even see the floor...")

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