Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 15 - Random Actor Tuesday: Casey Wilson

Day 15.

I don't claim to be a die-hard Saturday Night Live fan, but I try to watch it when I can--and when I can't, I almost always catch the clips on hulu the next day. So imagine my surprise when I saw Casey Wilson, an SNL alum of the 2008-2009 seasons, appear on the screen as I watched Julie & Julia for the 15th time (I mean, I recognized her the first time I watched the film--I've just been waiting for Random Actor Tuesday to write about it).

So that's what happened to her!
If you look Casey Wilson up on wikipedia or imdb, you'll notice that her run at SNL was fairly short-lived. And if you watched SNL at any point during the 2 seasons she was a cast member, you'll know why--she wasn't funny.

I mean, she could've been funny I guess, but they never really gave her a chance. Or maybe they didn't give her a chance because she wasn't funny. It's unclear. All I know is that she was often relegated to the backgrounds of sketches and forced to play supporting characters without any punchlines. And the few times she was in the spotlight, no one laughed.

Aside from being unfunny, the other interesting thing about Casey Wilson was that she had probably one of the more controversial firings from SNL, as internet speculation ran wild that she was fired for being fat. I find this hard to believe, mostly because when I saw her, she just wasn't funny. I mean, she did write Bride Wars, after all. I heard that movie sucked.

To be fair, at least Casey Wilson has acknowledged that people don't like her in this Funny or Die video. Dammit, Casey Wilson, why were you never that funny on SNL?

Her small speaking role in Julie & Julia isn't funny either--and I don't know if its meant to be--it's just super bitchy. She plays "Regina" (again, the name is never mentioned in the film), one of Julie Powell's "successful" friends in the ritual Cobb salad lunch scene. Basically, Julie Powell and all of her high-powered executive friends eat Cobb salads and talk about how successful they are, making Julie feel inadequate and left out. Let's just say that it's a true testament to your acting ability if you can make yourself less sympathetic than Amy Adams in this movie.

"Look at how big my mouth is!"
All Casey Wilson's character does is bitch about her assistant not being able to find her a pair of black pantyhose. First of all, why do you need somebody else to buy your pantyhose for you? I'm no woman, but aren't pantyhose like a fairly intimate thing to go shopping for? Like, that's weird that someone else is buying the hose for her panties, right? Someone let me know if that's weird.

And after that little bitchfest, Casey Wilson toasts her successful friend and then says, "And enough about you, here's to me!" Let me repeat, "And enough about you, here's to me!" She actually utters that line. Who would do that? I mean, sure, people can be bitches, but what woman would actually make a toast to her whiny, self-centered self? Like, I get that you are trying to make this character seem unlikeable, Nora Ephron, but seriously? Have you heard about this thing called realistic dialogue? No one is that conceited. Not even Casey Wilson, who by the way, was fired from SNL for being fat.


Julie & Julia
Quote of the Day: "I looked fat." "Just your face."


  1. I hate to admit this, but actually know a few people who would make that toast...sad.

  2. I don't think pantyhose is really that intimate an item for a woman to go shopping for. I mean, they go the same place pants go and I don't think someone buying a regular pair of pants for someone else would be considered "too intimate". Also, for a businesswoman, pantyhose would be a thing you would need to wear a lot and, as they get holes and ladders so easily, buy a lot.

    So my answer to you is no, it's not that weird.

  3. It's not weird--I agree. It IS weird that she is so particular about them, though--as far as I'm concerned, black pantyhose are black pantyhose.

  4. This kind of woman would make a toast like that:


  5. Yeah, it's not clear why any of these people are friends (regardless of the dialog). If these were my friends, I'd eat alone at the lunch counter.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. @Annie

    OMG that hand lady!


    Um, I wouldn't have anyone buy my pantyhose, that is weird, I agree.

  8. AH! I love your choice for Random Actor Tuesday!! I would have never noticed her! I, being an aspiring "fat" actress like Casey Wilson, like her! Maybe because she is this so called "fat" actress....which is funny to me why people think stick-boyish figured women are attractive. That's another story but...like the choice!

    It's really weird to have another woman pick up pantyhose for you...just an odd request. :)

  9. Cobb salad, no eggs;
    cobb salad, no this;
    cobb salad, no that...

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