Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 1 - Losing My Julie & Julia Virginity

The Hows and Wherefores...

For the moment, I will not tackle the existential query, "Why, Lawrence? Why Julie & Julia? Why now?" Instead, I shall stick to explicating the rules of engagement.

Starting today, Tuesday, November the 30th, 2010, I will watch the comedy-drama Julie & Julia every day for a exactly one year--from the opening title sequence until the very last credits roll.

The film clocks in at a humbling 2 hours, 2 minutes and 33 seconds, which means if I am successful in my endeavor, I will have watched 745.5125 hours of Julie & Julia, or rather, a little over 31 days of nothing but this movie.

I reserve the right to vary the manner in which I view the film, as watching any movie every day for 365 days would naturally grow tedious. For example, I'm allowing myself to multitask during viewings, which would let me simultaneously watch the film and do homework, watch the film and go to the bathroom, watch the film and masturbate, etc. However, that being said, I promise to dedicate as much of my attention as I can to this incredible, generation-defining film and the blog entries that accompany it.

Enough of these technicalities. Let us begin!


Day 1

Those readers who are staying tuned to snicker at my ignominious defeat will have to wait another day. The inaugural viewing of the Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project was a great success.

My initial reaction?

This film is simply delightful!

I am bowled over with relief, as I no longer have to worry about having to slog through 2 hours of drek every day for the rest of the year. Julie & Julia is a compelling and surprisingly dense narrative, chock full of dramatic tension and charming moments.

I'm sure we will be touching on the more nuanced plot intricacies and scene compositions in the 364 days to come, but briefly put--Julie & Julia follows the dual stories of the early life of celebrity chef Julia Child (played by Meryl Streep) and present-day New York blogger Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams), as she attempts to cook her way through Child's cookbook.

Streep is absolutely brilliant as Julia Child, the role for which she was nominated in the best actress category of the 2010 Oscars. Unfortunately, she did not win, but the oversight of the Academy does not diminish her performance in the least. Years from now, we will all look back at those Oscars and ask how the greatest actress of all time lost to some woman named Sandra Bullock, playing a racist, patronizing hillbilly in something called The Blind Side. If you ask me, the only "blind side" I'm aware of concerns the voting members of the Academy and their heinous failure to recognize one of the greatest acting talents of our generation.

Well, that's it for now--I don't want these entries to get too lengthy--but I guarantee that I will have many, many more readings and analyses of this wonderful film in the year to come. I just hope that you all will be along for the ride.

I watched Julie & Julia for the first time and lived to tell the tale. It was easy.

Too easy.

1 down. 364 to go.


  1. you are such a trooper.

  2. 2 hours, 2 minutes and 33 seconds...isn't that the average night's sleep for a college student? We are all rooting for you here. Good luck and bon appetit!

  3. I HATE The Blind Side! Plus Bullock wasn't even that good in it.

  4. I liked the Blind side but I think Meryl is simply amazing. Will reveal my absolute fave scene as we go thru this ;-)

  5. "Years from now, we will all look back at those Oscars and ask how the greatest actress of all time lost to some woman named Sandra Bullock, playing a racist, patronizing hillbilly in something called The Blind Side. If you ask me, the only "blind side" I'm aware of concerns the voting members of the Academy and their heinous failure to recognize one of the greatest acting talents of our generation."

    EXACTLY! I couldn't agree with you more. (:

    Just came across your blog; it's hilarious!
    Please do go on with it, i love the idea
    & will definitely read your posts!

    - V.

  6. I am impressed you picked a film, a motivation, and started this blog SIGHT UNSEEN - I assumed you had seen the film before committing to this. I liked J & J well enough, but I'm not bothered about seeing it for a second time, let alone a 364th... so Go You!

  7. Okay. I will be the dork in the "room" and admit to this: I may have already watched J&J 365 times already.

    Okay, not really. But I've watched it a LOT, and truly enjoy it. I relate to Julie Powell, I like the visuals...I just find it pretty and comforting. And the blog and book are just frigging funny as all hell.

    (I'm fairly certain if Julie Powell is lurking here, she's thinking of filing a restraining order.)

    Anyway, this here fan is really looking forward to your insights. Keep on keepin' on!

  8. It's really funny to have read this looking at your most recent blogs - you are awesome!

  9. Agree with previous poster. You make me giggle like a schoolgirl.

  10. Okay, it will be creepy and all but I don't care. starting now, I will comment on every post you have.

    No, I'm not a troll. I just love your idea of emulating Julie's thingy. It's both entertaining and interesting at the same time.

    You know how I found this blog? It's because right now, I'm halfway reading Julie/Julia book and I resubscribed myself in reading The Julie/Julia project. Apparently, I can't find the email where i saved the link of the original blog. So in hopes of finding the blog, I typed in Julie/Julia Project and it lead me to you. Call it destiny, or chance or whatever, but to hell I care. I will be your avid reader borderline stalker from now on.

  11. This is why we have the internet.

    To let crazy people come up with these ideas, rot their brains, and let everyone else know what came of it. :)

    Goodluck and godspeed. And, eat a lot of carrots. ;)

  12. ..the only "blind side" you're aware of is the voting members of the Academy...

  13. I became overwhelmed with joy when i discovered your blog! I have a love for the film and have viewed it around 80 times. I can not wait to read on! Also, you were spot on about The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock just played a mother. Not that moms aren't important but compared to Meryl Streeps performance WHERE YOU COMPLETELY FORGET THAT THIS WOMAN IS NOT THE REAL JULIA CHILD, JUST AN ACTOR, Steep was robbed that year.

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